British Triathlete, Georgia Taylor-Brown, gives us some top advice on training for a physical challenge

What are your top 3 tips for exercising outside and how do these change according to the weather?

Dress appropriately, the worst thing is wearing too little on a cold ride, or over dressing for that long run. Make sure you wear sun protection, you can still get burnt if its cloudy! People seem to think the clouds block out the sun, they don’t! Spray it on a high factor and you’re set for the day.Finally, hydrate. Always have a bottle of water to hand, and keep sipping throughout the day. If you’re feel a little lethargic, pop an electrolyte tab into your bottle, works a treat.

What are your 5 must-haves for exercising in the great outdoors?

Water bottle, P20 Continuous Spray SPF50, watch, jacket (you never know what the weather will do), snacks to stay fuelled.

What is your favourite part of being in the British Triathlon team?

I feel like we are quite a close knit family. There aren’t many of us in the team so it makes it easier to spend time with everyone and we are always looking out for one another. I definitely feel more relaxed and much safer when I’m with other Brit Tri girls in races.

What advice would you give to anyone training for a triathlon or physical challenge?

Firstly, pick your event. It’s definitely easier to train when you have something to aim for. Once you have the event, set weekly targets e.g 'this week I want to hit 3000m in the pool’ , or ‘I want run 3 times this week’. Try and find groups or another person to train with, it definitely makes it easier to get those miles in. Always have fun with it, if you’re not up for training today, don’t do it, your body probably needs some rest and relaxation.

Can you describe your typical training routine?

On a normal week I will swim 5 times, ride 12 hours (3 easy rides and 2 harder bike session), run 4 times (2 easy runs, 1 speed session and 1 longer tempo session), and complete 2 gym sessions. I try and get outdoors as much as possible because there is nowhere better than the outdoors and in the summer we get to swim open water which is a lot of fun!

What key competitive events have you got coming up this year?

The season is coming to an end now so I just have Edmonton World Series, London Relays for Team Leeds and The Grand Final. This year has been amazing for me and seems to have gone by so fast but I’m really happy with how it’s gone so far.